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Welcome to visit my new site DDezign's with my Graphics for adoption *S*

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Angels Of Compassion


Please be ware, the pages is of a huge volume and if your computer doesn't support, it might freeze or crash your system. I am working on to divide in various pages so it wouldn't be that heavy! Now it is done, so if you have been there before, Please reload so you'll have the new version of the page *S* Thanks!

Our Carnaval =)))

Music Playing here is Ose and performed by Yannick Noah "Yannick Noah Website" and "Ose"

Hi Yannick! If you or some friend of yours sees this, please tell Yannick to remember Lisbonne & Disco Bananas and me ;)), I miss those times.













In recognition of Creativity, Integrity and Excellence on the Web. Thank you!!

It's really me lol.



My Poetry

NEW Awards

Kind of a Bio, Omakuva


My WebTech Universite PSP V7 Assignments & Diplomas

Go to my RAOK dedication pages from the above graphic

Thank you Angel Mystic for this stunning surprise I had in an email from you *S* I am very honored to receive this and it is with pride I am showing it to all my visitors.

Suomi / Finland

Click at the picture to read and listen "87 Year's of Independence "



My main, Intro- and Webringpage, but going throught this 2 pages and always next you will arrive
there anyway. I recommend it *Smiles* Loth#23  go from  the graphic below. Thank you ;))

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