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I display This graphic of The Light Of Hope proudly here on my site,
in recognition of the courage and faith.
"Congratulations on your journey and for your courage to change.
~The Joy is in the Journey~May you always have hope in your heart.
May courage and faith keep you always in the light."

Thank You Laura Ann

Friends Are Like Angels

Our friends are like angels,
Who brighten our days.
In all kinds of wonderful,
Magical ways

Their thoughtfulness comes,
As a gift from above.
And we feel we're surrounded,
By warm, caring love.

Like upside-down rainbows,
Their smiles bring the sun.
And they fill ho-hum moments,
With laughter and fun.

Friends are like angels,
Without any wings.
Blessing our lives,
With the most precious things.

~Author Unknown~

~ Dreamers Dust ~

Angel dust,with the glimmer
filles the air, it must
Dust filled of Love
and harmony

Blow and it filles the Heaven
with light blue clouds
Clouds so beautiful and so soft
Clouds you feel you want to lay down on

Lay down and rest a little
just away awhile, from the reality
Reality what is so cruel, sometimes
Sometimes you want to forget
Forget all around, close your eyes
imagine that you are floating
Floating laying upon a cloud
With the sweetiest music playing
and Angelvoices singing so clear
Clear are also the thoughts 
you might have

Laying upon a cloud
Eyes closed
You are in the Heaven

Author:  Copyright © 2001-2005 DreamerAngel

*White Wooden Anemones*


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Thank You AOC,
6 Months wonderful time in July 2002

I am proud to tell ya, that today 18th of January 2003
I have been Awarded for 1 years membership in
Angels Of Compassion. Thank you all this means
a lot to me, to be part of such a Loving and Caring group,
I am honored to be, love ya all.

*Flamingoes Paradise*

Copyright©2002-2004DreamerAngel My own paintings scanned and worked with PSP7 some time ago.

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Thank's Anita, this is a lovely message;)))

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