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Dreamcreature's Dezigns

Welcome to Dreamcreature's Dezigns or Dreamer's Dezign's!

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I am very glad you desided to surf in! Please feel free to stay as long as you like. I am going to make some changes still as this is at the begin of my journey making graphics for Adoption! You do however need to take a logo from the page you adopt from and link it back here to my Graphic site at:

Please do NOT link directly to the graphics on this site. Before you download anything from this page I invite you to read my Privat Policy

If you don't support Java go here 2  <Dollhouse>

Happy & Blessed Season

Happy Valentine

ATTN! New Love graphics for your Valentine *S*

"Fall is peeking in from my window

Fresh winds and cooling air

Not so warm to keep

In a warm sweather you can sweep"

Font used is CAC Champagne. Download Here.

If you love poetry then welcome to read mine and also some short story's at my

Dream Escapes - Poetry From My Soul


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