Goddess of the Air and Space, and Also known as the creator of the world

The legende tells she was a very mighty Goddess, whispers told she was the queen of the Universe. The elders has been telling around about her very painful story.

 as one day when she desided to step down from her heavenly realm what they said was a huge sea that filled each and every place.

Ilmatar wasn't alone thought, she had carried her baby in her womd for 700 years and she anxiously was expecting it to be born any moment now. She was tortured by pain and aches in every cell of her body, but still nothing happened. even if It was time for the birth.

She felt down in the middle of her vast sea and was heartbrokenly crying, totally dissorientated, and without a clue of what she had to do.

Suddely there were a Seagull flying towards her, she landed on her knee what were over the sea, and begin to build a nest right there. Ilmatar was stunned and she couldn't understand what was happening. She look at the beautiful bird with admiration, and realize she had laid one egg in the nest.

After awhile, Ilmatar felt a painful burning at her knee coming from the newly laid egg. She got awfull pains at her knee and she couldn't bare it and shake her leg resulting into that the egg felt into the sea.

The egg broke in two pieces, of which the lo´wer part created the Earth, and the upper part created the sky. The yolk of the egg became the Sun, and with the eggwhite she created the Moon and the Stars. 

Sometimes Ilmatar stepped hard on the ground, it was then when the deep seas was born. Sometimes she stretched out her arms in front and with that movements she created fields and mountains.

After some time, she started to give birth to a child, what was not at all a normal, average nor helpless human child. Not at all, he was Vainamoinen, The root of Finland, the very first human upon the Earth.

He was the one who kept guard in the Earthly garden, so all plants got a good  growth, and the life with creatures as animals and humans could had a good start, as it should. Ilmatar was happy and she could peacefully leave all the creating to vainamoinen.

Author: Dreamer

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