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for the Space Shuttle Columbia and it's Crew


Once more America and the World has to cry!

We Cry Tears with Bleeding Hearts




In Loving Memory Of Seven Angels
Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson,
Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Laurel B. Clark & Ilan Ramon



Columbia (OV-102), the first of NASA's orbiter fleet, was delivered to Kennedy Space Center in March 1979. Columbia initiated the Space Shuttle flight program when it lifted off Pad A in the Launch Complex 39 area at KSC on April 12, 1981. It proved the operational concept of a winged, reusable spaceship by successfully completing the Orbital Flight Test Program - missions STS-1 through 4.

Other, more recent achievements for Columbia include the recovery of the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) satellite from orbit during mission STS-32 in January 1990 and the STS-40 Spacelab Life Sciences mission in June 1991 - the first manned Spacelab mission totally dedicated to human medical research.

Columbia is named after a small sailing vessel that operated out of Boston in 1792 and explored the mouth of the Columbia River. One of the first ships of the U.S. Navy to circumnavigate the globe was named Columbia. The command module for the Apollo 11 lunar mission was also named Columbia.

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This Music has been entitled to "Be Still My Soul" here at the web, it is so beautiful you must agree with me, but the right title of this music is : Finlandia, Dear Land Of Home what was made by our Greatest compositeur in Finland "Jean Sibelius"!  I think this was magic, I had just finished our SCA POW/MIA-page and I saw in a  newsletter the link for a Memorial for Columbia page, I clicked and there it was, the music surounded me in my home and my eyes got filled up with tears. I was crying, crying as I was moved by this so strange happening. It felt that there was someone higher above us, who with this wanted to say "Thank You".   I feel this like a Milagre, a Wonder,  something out of this world, beyond my touch and my sight!

Thank You for to show me this by toutching me streight and deep into my Heart! 

 Thank You America

Thank You Lord

Sirpa aka Dreamer from Finland


Oi Suomi, katso, Sinun päiväs koittaa,
yön uhka karkoitettu on jo pois,
ja aamun kiuru kirkkaudessa soittaa
kuin itse taivahan kansi sois.
Yön vallat aamun valkeus jo voittaa
sun päiväs koittaa, oi synnyinmaa.

Oi nouse, Suomi, nosta korkealle
pääs seppelöimä suurten muistojen,
oi nouse, Suomi, näytit maailmalle
sa että karkoitit orjuuden
ja ettet taipunut sa sorron alle,
on aamus alkanut, synnyinmaa.


My translation of the


Oh,  Finland, see, Your day will still arrive,
The might of night has been expelled away
the morning bird with voice of chrystal singing
like heavens roof is sounding everywhere.
The strenghts of night, white daylight will be winning
your day will come, oh sweet birthland of mine

Oh rice up Finland, rice up to the Heaven
Our memories surrounded by a crownwreth
Oh rice up Finland, you did show the world
that you deport the slavery away
You did not bend under the dark oppression
Rice to the sun , sweet birthland of mine

Translation Copyright©2002-2003DreamerAngel

If you want to sing along, let the music play instrumental at the begin
when the fluit starts, you start also! *Enjoy*


The hymn section of Jean Sibelius' patriotic symphonic poem Finlandia, op. 26 no. 7 (1899), this portion did not originally have lyrics. The Finnish words that follow were added by V.A. Koskenniemi. The premiere of this hymn took place in 1941 at the 25th Anniversary concert of the Laulumiehet choir. In 1942 Sibelius himself acknowledged the Koskenniemi text as the official libretto for this masterpiece.

Much to my chagrin, numerous other texts have been adapted to this orchestral piece in later years, bringing this Finnish national treasure to the level of the old proverbial "war horse." All are void of the beauty and majesty that this music possesses. Much like piano reductions of great orchestral pieces (including the complete Finlandia itself), adding words—no matter how worthy, including numerous religious texts—fails miserably in bringing out the subtleties and the scale of emotional richness that the composer had in mind. You can quote me on that. And I might quote one of Sibelius' biographers who said that if Sibelius heard one of his pieces performed incorrectly, he would "grumble about it for days." One day I hope to find out how the maestro feels about all this. And if he is OK with it all, I will change my tune! But for now, I grumble . . .

Interestingly enough, according to a Finnish Sibelius expert, exceptionally few arrangements exist in Finland of this hymn—or any other work of Sibelius's, for that matter. It seems that the Sibelius Dynasty is keen on preserving his music as pure as possible, not allowing any deviations in texts or tones. Besides, the hymn has become a sacred song of sorts, laden with national fervor and excitement, representing the longing for freedom of peoples everywhere. The greatest fear my Sibelius expert friend has is that some day a string of notes from this hymn will ring from a cell phone. Watch out Nokia, our eyes (or ears) are on you!

Text by:

Copyright © 2001 Liisa Berg

This page is made with Love and dedication at the behalf of SCA, by

Copyright©2002-2005 DreamerAngel